How2Boost YourApp Downloads

If you are one of those few percentages who has successfully developed an app and is waiting for the smooth performance of the same, then you should pause for a moment and go through this article that depicts and discusses about the ways and tips that will enhance the performance of the group. After a detailed research, what we got is the presence of AEO. Much like SEO that stands for Search Engine Optimisation AEO stands for App Engine Optimisation that lays down the characteristics that make your app high rated and enhances downloads.

While keeping the pint of ASO in mind, it is important to keep in mind the factors that control and enhance the ASO. The few factors are listed below:-

Positive Reviews: The number of reviews controls directly the ranking of the app in the app store. When there are more positive reviews, the ranking will obviously be high and in the case of more negative reviews, it will eventually sink down.

Keyword Relevance: Apps that have been tagged with popular keywords are proven to function better than those which lack in proper keywords.

Revenue: If your app has a history of earning good revenue, then it is a bonus as the app store boosts apps that have already earned a good deal.

Backlinks: Much like websites, if your app has earned backlinks from relevant pages, there is a possibility that it will work much beyond your expectation.

Presence on Social Media: Much like any other website, if your app has an overall presence on social media and the presence is mainly a positive one, then it is likely that the ranking of your app will get boosted.

App Downloads: App Store has an algorithm that boosts apps with a considerable number of downloads to get more downloads.

Regional Success: Regional success can have a considerable effect in manipulating the success you get in a geographical niche. Promoting your app in more than one geographical region can result in it being more and more popular.

Apart from the complex AEO thing, one needs to be aware how to make the app visually appealing as well. The few tips for making your app visually enticing have been listed below:

Good App Icon: What catches the readers’ attention at once is the presence of a good app icon that is quirky yet meaningful. It depends on you which app icon impresses you and you feel the most though it is advisable that you keep the icon simple and straightforward, if there happens to be a complex app icon, then viewers might get perplexed and doubt whether it is the app they have been looking for.

Name and Describe Your App Appropriately: A good title and the description of the function of the app always does wonder in boosting the rank of your app. A good title is an important part in understanding when people refer to your app by name and when people refer to it as nothing but an ‘app’. It is also important to name your app short and simple so that people don’t need to drill their tongues while pronouncing the name. The trick here is to encapsulate all the important details in 25 characters as that is only shown in search result even though Google allows 250 characters.

Marketing: After completing all you can do at the level best, it’s time for marketing the app properly so that it gets noticed. You do not need to have a very high budget for marketing but its better if you do not become too conservative with the marketing. Always remember that a few bucks today has the potential to multiply it and return it to you tomorrow. Depending on your budget, you should aim at concentrating it on a region, over a selected time period. Typical ads remain active for a few days to weeks and are something that usually brings result.

You should opt for focusing and advertising your app across the channels that are supposed to bring you good results, which include social media, sites like Reddit and Digg, marketing through email and sms, and content marketing. Even though most of the downloads will be organic, it is advisable to have a webpage as well that will engage the audience in a clear call-to-action and let them download the app.

Using Visually Appealing Photos and Videos: There is no need to explain why something visual works better than something written in today’s age, at least in most of the cases and for most of the people. Incorporating a few visually attractive, not necessary colourful or extravagant, images and videos in your app that is directly related to the main theme of the app can also boost downloads.

Opting for clever promotions: If your app is a directly monetised one, with the pay-to-download model, you can experiment with price drops, giving offers and inventing interesting skims to boost download.

Apart from all the important things listed above, one thing that greatly encourages downloads is the presence of good reviews. It is important to keep in mind that a single app can easily go unnoticed among 3 million apps available online. To get valuable and authentic reviews, it is advisable to register your app on some of the most trustworthy review sites.

Even though a percentage of marketing is done by people when they praise a certain app and others notice it, in order to get more downloads, it is always advisable to get some good reviews on record, as well. Some of the well-known app reviewing sites include, AppAdvice, AppStorm, Feed My App and many others. Before you contact any app reviewing site, it is necessary to check your own app for any bugs and crashes and check the proposals of each app-reviewing site as well.

In order to get your app get a high ranking, 90% of the job will be done by your hard work and the rest 10% will be determined by the tactics and tricks you apply to get a high ranking.
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