Is There A Way To Get A Free Month Of Straight Talk?

What are straight talk reward points good for?

Straight Talk Rewards members can now redeem points for Phone Promo Codes, these codes turn into discounts on the phone you always wanted.

Rules: Points will be deducted from your available points.

Only redeemable for phones, not other devices.

One time redemption only..

How long until you lose your straight talk Number?

The number you are porting must be active with your current service provider. The port-in process could take up to seven days. If your Straight Talk service remains inactive over 30 days, you will lose your telephone number.

What happens if your straight talk service expired?

Service End Date . If you fail to redeem a new Plan prior to your Service End Date, your Account will be deactivated on your Service End Date and, if applicable, you may lose your phone number.

Does Straight Talk send you a bill?

Straight Talk is a pay-as-you go prepaid wireless phone service that requires no long term contracts, no credit checks, no activation fees, no monthly bills and no age limits!

What happens if you don’t refill your straight talk?

Refilling Your Account after Service End Date: If you do not buy and add Services prior to the Service End Date, your Straight Talk Service will be deactivated on the Service End Date, you will lose all unused Services (including minutes, text, Mobile Web Access and Service days) and you may lose your telephone number.

Does Straight Talk cut off data?

Straight Talk has a new published policy on data use after advertising unlimited data yet shutting down those who used too much of it. … They’ll give you 2.5 GB of high speed data each month. After 2.5 GB, you’ll be throttled to something like slow dial-up in the 1990s! And then there will be a hard cap at 4 GB.

Are Straight Talk phones unlocked?

Straight Talk will unlock phones of current and former Straight Talk customers without charge. Non-former customers may request unlocking, but Straight Talk may charge a reasonable fee. … Customers must possess a Straight Talk phone that is not reported stolen, lost, or associated with fraudulent activity.

How can I get a free $45 Straight Talk Card?

* Friend must switch to Straight Talk and join our Rewards program. Each referral will give you enough reward points for a free $45 plan. Additional points are required for higher priced plans.

What day does my Straight Talk service end?

From your Straight Talk phone, text the word FOUR to 611611 and enter the code received, or you can visit My Account Quick Links to check your Balance/Service End Date.

What can I use my Straight Talk points for?

By participating in the Straight Talk Rewards Program, Straight Talk customers can earn, save, and redeem Points (“Points”) which can be used to receive certain free wireless service plans or airtime cards offered by Straight Talk (collectively, “Service Plans”).

Can I get an extension on my Straight Talk phone bill?

Does Straight Talk give payment extensions? No, you need to add a plan to your reserve. You can also enroll in Autopay and save $5 a month.

How can I get a free Straight Talk phone?

To begin, all you have to do is text ‘STFREE’ to 611611 for the free phone hook-up. Best of all? You can get your free phone and save money on the best networks, all without leaving the comfort of your couch.

How much is unlimited hotspot with straight talk?

Straight Talk’s $55 Ultimate Unlimited 30-Day Plan comes with unlimited talk, text and data at 4G LTE† speeds & 10GB of mobile hotspot….Specifications.BrandStraight TalkCell Phone Service ProviderStraight Talk2 more rows

Does Straight Talk have a grace period?

“If you do not refill your Straight Talk account within 30 days after the Service End Date, your Straight Talk phone number will be lost. ”

How can I get free minutes on my phone?

If you are on welfare, food stamps or disability, you may ask the dispensing government agency for a referral to a program that provides prepaid phones and free minutes. Register with the program for your phone and minutes, and will be able to re-load your phone card each month with free minutes from the program.