Question: What Carrier Does Jitterbug Phone Use?

Can you use Jitterbug phone with any carrier?

Consumer Cellular has paired with AT&T/T-Mobile for their cellular service while Jitterbug is primarily available through GreatCall.

Jitterbug phones, however, can be used with other carriers if the user is willing to pay the higher fees for their talk and data-driven packages..

Does Walmart sell Jitterbug cell phones?

GreatCall Jitterbug Plus Senior Cell Phone with 1-Touch Operator Access (Silver) – –

Does Verizon have phones for seniors?

Verizon offers flip phones for seniors manufactured by well-known brands such as LG, Kyocera, and Samsung.

How can I get a Jitterbug phone?

Jitterbug Smart2Free Shipping.Order now: 800-650-6471.Find Store.Buy Now.

How much is a Jitterbug phone at Walmart?

With plans as low as $14.99 per month, staying in touch with family and friends is easier than ever. From the large buttons to the easy-to-use interface, the Jitterbug Flip was engineered with the unique needs of seniors and simplicity lovers in mind.

What is the cheapest cell phone service for seniors?

T-Mobile’s cheapest senior cell phone plan starts at just $40 per month (with autopay) and is open to consumers 55 and older, with no special eligibility restrictions.

What cell phone does AARP recommend?

AARP members get various discounts, including a calling plan at $9.50 per month (to maintain service) with pay-as-you-go minutes at 24 cents each or a $19 monthly plan with 300 minutes. Expect a $35 activation fee. GreatCall (1-800-918-8543), formerly known as Jitterbug, sells handsets starting at $40.

Does jitterbug work with Sprint?

1-2 of 2 Answers N, this phone cannot be connected to other providers. All Jitterbug cell phones and smartphones are unlocked per nationwide standards, but we cannot control which carriers choose to accept or activate our phones, nor do we guarantee our phones are compatible with other networks.

Can I use the jitterbug with AT&T?

Unfortunately, Jitterbug phones can’t work on the AT&T wireless network. The Jitterbug phones use the CDMA technology, which doesn’t use SIM Card, and is locked to work with GreatCall service. To use the Jitterbug phones on the AT&T network, it must be unlocked, and have a SIM Card slot.

Is the Jitterbug phone any good?

Overall, the Jitterbug Smart is a good choice for seniors who want a simple phone with a big screen. … But the Jitterbug isn’t quite as good for seniors as the Doro 824 SmartEasy, which remains our Editors’ Choice. It adds a physical Emergency Alert button, and software that’s even easier for new users to learn.

How much is the Jitterbug phone per month?

Connect the way you want. Pay for what you need.Monthly MinutesMonthly Cost*250 Minutes$14.991000 Minutes$19.992500 Minutes$29.99Unlimited Talk & Text$39.991 more row

Can I keep my old phone number with jitterbug?

Can I keep the telephone number that I have on my current cell phone? In most occasions, yes, your current telephone number can be transferred over to your new Jitterbug phone. Please contact your current carrier to start the transfer. Call us if you need any help with this step.

What is the best unlimited cell phone plan for seniors?

Best cell phone plans for seniors: summaryPlanBest forCostBoost Mobile UnlimitedPeople who are mobile-savvy$50 a monthT-Mobile Essentials Unlimited 55People who are mobile-savvyTwo lines for $65 per month; $55 with autopayGreatCall 250 MinutesPeople who want an easy-to-use emergency phone$14.99 a month4 more rows

Is there an activation fee for Jitterbug?

Activation Fees: Although GreatCall does not require you to lock into a long term contract, both Jitterbug devices require a one-time activation fee, though this is waived with the purchase of a health and safety package.

Can I buy a Jitterbug phone at a Verizon store?

GreatCall, the creator of the Jitterbug, has partnered with Verizon Wireless to carry the Jitterbug service on its network. Jitterbug also added onto the announcement with more minutes and more affordable night and weekend calls on its monthly plans. …

Does AT&T have a cell phone plan for seniors?

AT&T Senior Nation for account holders 65 or older has 200 Anytime Minutes, Mobile to Mobile Minutes, and Nights and Weekends, without roaming and long distance charges.

Does Jitterbug have a SIM card?

A SIM card slot and an SD card slot are both found beneath the back cover with the battery. Users can add up to 16G of memory to the on-board 16G in order to store photos.

How much is activation fee for Jitterbug?

Is there a fee for activating a Jitterbug phone. A. Yes there is, and it’s a bit of a whopper. The activation fee is $35.00 though sometimes they offer free activation.

Who handles Jitterbug phones?

GreatCall4. Customer Service. Jitterbug’s parent company, GreatCall, offers U.S.-based customer service when you call 800-733-6632. Also, Jitterbug phones feature the 5Star Urgent Response function built into the keypad or screen of each handset.

Is great call part of Verizon?

GreatCall is a mobile virtual network operator, or MVNO, which is a fancy way of saying the company doesn’t own its own network. Instead, GreatCall contracts with Verizon Wireless, so GreatCall customers use Verizon’s top-rated nationwide network.

Can you facetime on a Jitterbug phone?

Hi singerdeb, the Jitterbug Smart does not have Facetime but you can download the Skype application through the Google Play Store which is simular.